A description of each kind of kite and the tricks they can do

Your first aim is to keep the kite hovering directly above you, in the zenith.

single line kite tricks

Pulling on the upper line too hard will send the kite straight into the power zone and you straight into the air so go tentatively.

Do you live in a very windy location?

How to fly a parafoil kite

Kite competitions have much in common with figure skating , with competitors being judged on their performance in compulsory figures as well as a " ballet ", which involves artistic interpretation of music. There are three main categories of sport kites: Traditional sport kites[ edit ] Traditional sport kites were most prevalent in the mids and early s. The type of kite you decide on will depend greatly on your intended use for the kite. Kite string or kites can become conductors of electricity if they are damp You could be killed or seriously injured if your kite gets tangles on high voltage power line Never fly a kite during an approaching storm or in rain, as a wet line will conduct electricity Do not use wire as flying line Always observe local air safety regulations. Deltas are very versatile kites, as they can fly in a large variety of wind conditions. Solo landing of an inflatable kite It is extremely difficult and risky to solo land an inflatable kite and you are strongly advised not to attempt it. The ripstop polyester fabric is vividly printed with an eye-catching geometric design and the spars collapse into sections held together with internal elastic connectors, like modern tent poles.

The sporting edge of stunt kite flying, Power Kites appeal to the risk taker who likes the pull and excitement at the max.

Pros Extra stability to fly in strong winds Lightweight enough to easily take off in light wind Perfect for all ages and experience levels Folds down to 21 inches for easy portability Elastic cords inside frame allow easy assembly Tangle-resistant flying line.

They should keep still as you move into position.

Tips for flying a kite

Quad — As the name suggests, quad kites use four lines and can perform a wide range of maneuvers. NB If your kite has a spar, you may need to place it so that you can easily pull it around to face its leading edge into the wind. The ram air kite, without the wind in its cells, will sit deflated and lifeless once you put it in a safe position. Electricity in clouds is attracted to damp kite lines and you could get hurt. With their exquisite build quality and the ability to perform unique tricks, Prism kites became famous around the world within just a few years of launching. They can be stacked in the same or mixed sizes to develop even more power. Repeat this until your kite gains the altitude necessary to find a good steady wind. Kites often have adjustable bridle attachment points that can compensate to some extent for higher wind speeds. Unique quadline maneuvers include reverse flight, axis spins, hovers, and side to side flight. Many of the old ones still perform well and find their way onto eBay at much reduced prices. Well, I guess we'll never track down the very first trick.

A few of them become well known and popular enough to make it onto the 'official' list. Keep your arms low, in the position where you would hold handlebars on a bike.

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Power Kite Skills & Flying Tips