A study of northern and southern diplomacy

He also promised that the Confederacy would be a low-tariff nation in contrast to the high-tariff United States.

Cotton diplomacy

Excellent study of the mediation crisis of This episode represents perhaps the most successful Confederate diplomatic effort undertaken during the war. Monaghan, Jay. Additionally, he expounds upon the coercive measures used by the South — the King Cotton Strategy — to encourage European allegiance, particularly Great Britain and France, and their subsequent reasons for rejecting the new nation. Though these three men tried everything from playing the cotton card to trying to insist that the war was not about slavery, they could not budge England from her position. The immigration waves of the s through the s had doubled the population of the North. Saul, Norman E. When Roebuck gave his speech in Parliament, he revealed too much of his conversation with Napoleon, indicating that the French emperor had accused England of betraying him during earlier attempts at intervention. Southerners believed that their cotton was the solution to their problem.

Public opinion in the United States celebrated the humiliation of the British, but London demanded redress. The North's war goal of reoccupying the South would be more difficult to accomplish than the Southern goal of surviving.

confederate allies during the civil war

Their main targets for alliances were England, France, Belgium and Russia due to either to their power in the world or their geographic location, or both. Looks at the influence of the Civil War primarily on Europe. The combination of limited industrial resources and the seizure of Federal installations permitted the Confederacy to do a better-than-expected job of equipping and supplying its forces in the field.

The Confederates also employed propaganda, particularly in France to try and achieve their means.

How did britain figure into the strategy of the confederacy at the time of secession

Evans, Eli N. It opened U. While blockades did not close them completely, they did reduce the importation of goods necessary for the war effort. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, c. Blackburn, George M. In the event, there was no race war. Great Britain and the American Civil War. Albans Raid into Vermont in After being appointed to their roles, the Confederate Secretary of State, Robert Toombs, instructed them regarding their assignments with the foreign powers. New York,

In that case, the British were free to openly support the Confederacy.

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Civil War Diplomacy