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Advertisements have also been known to play to certain stereotypes. It is just a part of marketing strategy. What is interactive advertisement and what are the goals of interactive advertising? Secondly too much advertisement make confusions for buyer for selection of products. The cons of advertisements mainly consist of something which in simple words can be said as fooling the consumers. Mass media refers collectively to all the media technologies that are intended to reach a large audience via mass communication. Control Measures To Reduce The Demerits of Advertisements There are no plotted points or ideas about how you control the demerits of advertisement because they are beyond control but still there are things which a consumer can do by himself. There are billboards on top of city buildings as far as the eye can see. Most advertisements are often placed by an advertising agency on behalf of a company. The advertisement has a great impact on the audience which creates an urge in them to buy a particular product or service though it is subjective. In a cinema hall, first of all we see the advertisement slides. Related posts:. Good, interesting pictures are very effective form this point of view.

The cost of bringing out a newspaper is largely met by the advertisements published therein. Repeated advertising and better quality of products brings more reputation for the manufacturer and enhances goodwill for the concern.

It could somehow help business people and even marketing management students. It is just a part of marketing strategy. There are positive and negative effects of mass media on our society.

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One good advertisement can make a product a household name and one bad advertisement can ruin the entire company. The disadvantage of this is problems can occur if, sales targets are not met. They can persuade us to choose a product that is good and a product that is bad. Businesses thrive through effective marketing and advertisement of their products.

To get success in business every big or small business-concern must make effective us of art of advertising goods.

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Advertisements: Advantages and Disadvantages