Allocating work and drawing up work plans

importance of work plan

Ask representatives of the various agencies active in the area to brief the planning team. It is needed at this point to establish what the plan is intended to achieve.

Work plan outline

A major requirement of this step is to identify the main components of the planning project. Depending on the circumstances and positions, bi-annually is a good frequency to have performance appraisals. This is the basis for the term she coined the Progress Principle. Otherwise, the team leader runs the risk of underutilizing certain skillsets. Otherwise, you will be all over the place with no mental capacity to focus. Consultation Only monitor employees output if this is essential. Mental clutter is just as bad.

While a rough and ready exercise may be sufficient to show that an idea is worth pursuing, fuller cost and reliable figures are likely to be needed later on before firm decisions are made. However, the leader gets buy-in from members to agree how best to allocate skills and resources.

Allocating work and drawing up work plans

Draw up your ideal week and then create your week map. These might include: Repetitive tasks that fit into your workflow Tasks with clearly defined procedures and end results Admin tasks that require little specialized knowledge or expertise The same principle also helps with saying no to things that have the potential to distract you from your priorities. Monitor all spending. Managers and leaders must take into consideration, the interests of the staff members, their availability and the likely outcomes of involving specific employees. Otherwise, it becomes impossible to meet target goals. In Step 1, the planner must find out what is available and where to get it, and must identify the people who can serve as contacts between the planning team, specialist agencies and the local community. ABB allows us to get the activity needed for quantities of products and sales. To make these decisions effectively, the team leader must make judgments concerning: One or several tasks that must be completed Which employees in the department is able to complete the tasks Finding the best fit to achieve project goals Generally, this means the team leader needs to combine people and tasks. This can be best achieved by robust performance management processes. Before any decisions are taken, representatives of the farmers and other land users likely to be affected by the plan should be contacted and their views obtained.

Numbers, demographic trends, location of settlements, the role of women, ethnic groups, class structure, leadership. Contact any commercial organizations, e. To produce detail costings you will probably need information from your staff and colleagues in other departments.

Basic information about the area To get started, the planning team will need some basic information about the land, the people and the organization of administration and services. You must consider checking their understanding and give support and opportunities to ask questions.

This lessens the chance for misuse or waste. This requires some creative juggling for a team leader. Misconceptions arising at this stage may be difficult to clear up later. The direct link to better performance is stronger productivity numbers that feed the bottom line.

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Planning and Allocating Work