Alternative energy sources a look to the future essay

Even plant matter such as dead wood, leaves, wood chips, and branches can be burnt to produce energy.

Alternative energy sources a look to the future essay

With the rapid depletion of fossil fuels, scientist are looking to natural and renewable resources to create a means to produce sustainable energy.

Currently the majority of this energy comes from fossil fuels i. It is responsible for practically all of the observable natural processes.

Renewable energy essay outline

It is created by methanogenic organisms present in landfills, marshes and wetlands. These sources are categorized as fossil fuels, meaning that they were formed in the past due to natural processes from dead organisms. Of this, petroleum accounted for If we can successfully learn how to utilize nuclear fusion for the generation of energy in a viable manner, it could well be the new king of the energy world. Fossil fuel such as coal and oil are drilled and shoveled out of the ground and then processed to be turned into electricity. Acid rain caused by the pollution destroyed fragile habitats, and in air pollutants were the cause of death for at least 4, Londoners. Alternative energy sources are sources of energy that does not use fossil fuels, and generally are clean and renewable. Fossil fuels cannot sustain the amount of energy being used by civilization in the future, and the adverse effects of using fossil fuels in such large quantities for so long without any real attempt at advancing into the world of renewable energy is already taking its toll on the planet. A number of energy sources used in the world originate from the combustion of dead fossils formed in the 65 million years ago when remnants of dead vegetation and decayed animals California Energy commission. Solar energy is one of the least used energy sources we have access to in the world; it is also one our mother Earth is relying on to save the nonrenewable fuels, such as fossil fuels Since the reduction of the emission of gases that cause the greenhouse effect, for example, is an important factor. Works Cited California Energy Commission. This change is much needed and there is not a better time than now for our country to take the initiative and switch to renewable energy sources.

Three of the four most disastrous nuclear accidents have occurred in the past twenty years. Hydro-electric power does not therefore pose dangers such as global warming typical to fossil energy sources.

Tracking systems have also been formed to follow the sun so as to enhance more production of electricity California Energy commission.

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Unfortunately, there are two immense disadvantages for fossil fuels and non-renewable resources.

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Essay on Renewable Energy is the Future