An analysis of marriage is a private affair

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Refusing to even acknowledge Nene either before or after she marries Nnaemeka. The second minor conflict is that Nene is not an Ibo woman. He claims that Mrs. The climax is when Okeke received a letter from Nene. He used direct characterization when he used Nnaemeka's character, in the beginning of the story, to tell you what kind of man his father was. Characterization Nnaemeka is a round character. Although his earlier works are less known than his classic, the acclaimed novel Things Fall Apart , many of the themes are similar and deal with colonialism, Christianity, and traditional culture. Some indirect characterization that describes Okeke includes the beginning of the story that talks about him wanting the best for his son, which means he cares about him.

Marriage is not an affair in the context of the title at all. Most helpful essay resource ever! Analyzing the Setting The story takes place in a city called Lagos which is located in a remote country, that is home to a couple of tribes.

what conflict develops for the engaged couple in the story ?marriage is a private affair??

This epiphany happens when he realizes that he has grandchildren, and wonders how wrong he would be for denying them like he denied his son.

However, Nnaemeka again breaks down her assumptions by saying that many ethnic communities share these traditional ideas of marriage—possibly including hers.

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Her and Nnaemeka had two sons, and the boys wanted to meet their grandfather. For the first time, she wonders whether Okeke will be unhappy about the news after all. He is also loving because even after the way his father reacted he still loved him and had hope that he would have a change of heart.

An analysis of marriage is a private affair

It had not rained that whole year, but it rained the day Okeke received the letter regarding the grandsons. The end of the story also proves that he does have some sort of heart, when he considers how horrible it could be for him to deny seeing his grandchildren.

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What qualities does okeke value in a partner for her son

The second minor conflict is that Nene is not an Ibo woman. In other words, she knew beforehand about the effect that the prepared medicine would have on a person it was not intended for, but decided to use it anyway. The climax of the story was reached when Okeke disowned his son for his decision to marry outside of their tribe and traditions. Are these essay examples edited? Okeke is arguably the main character of the story all of his reactions are critical to the plot of the story. Okeke tried to persuade Nnaemeka to call it quits with Nene, but he refused. As a result, he cannot derive joy from abating normal human needs, because he feels he has lost an identity to nurture or express. His first reason for why he cannot marry Ugoye is love, which suggests that it is also his first priority in marriage. When it comes to down to things as personal as marriage, you have to value your own opinion, instead to just giving in to the opinion, and will ,of others. His father was furious and confused. Okeke does not place importance on a couple having a strong relationship prior to an engagement. It is one thing for his son to attempt to marry a woman he does not know and who comes from a world outside of their village, but it is another thing for Nnaemeka to marry a woman who flagrantly and wrongly scorns Christian tenets by becoming a teacher.

However, as his writing career took off, he began to work as a professor in Nigerian and American schools. Minor Conflicts 3 1.

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