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There is no question that viewing violence breeds more violence. The constant accumulation of cultural values places increasingly complex demands on education as a most essential form of the creation of culture. Such forms of the spiritual life of society as science, literature and art are facts of culture. A generally cultured attitude to nature presupposes the rational use of its forces without violating their natural harmony. Is the delight that a human being experiences when he perceives all this confined simply to physical reality? In this sense man himself is a phenomenon of culture, and not only of nature. But gender differences are not entirely determined by biology and evolution; many of these differences are the result of social learning. Life evolves increasingly flexible mechanisms for this interaction, which helps to raise the whole culture to a higher level. Such are the logic and psychology of the value relationship that an object discovered by our need may become an interest while the opportunities for satisfying that need remain extremely indefinite, problematic. Every country had similar ideas about what events were regarded as calamitous e. DOC adopted a shared vision that includes: valuing employee wellness, engaging employees, operating safe facilities, implementing innovative business practices, preparing offenders for reentry, and partnering with stakeholders.

And the observed gender differences in aggression are almost certainly due, in part, to evolutionary factors. We define a representational profile as a set of discretely measureable attitudes and beliefs bound together by a system of meaning that is used by people to make sense of a particular social object, such as figures in world history [ 28 ].

In reality, culture exists as a historically evolved system comprising its objects, its symbolism, traditions, ideals, precepts, value orientations and, finally, its way of thought and life, the integrating force, the living soul of culture. It would be a great sacrilege to recognise such things as cultural realities, even when acknowledging the inevitability of their existence.

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Give examples of some cultural differences in aggression. Flow could people in those far-off times know so much without any experiments or apparatus about the conditions and factors that regulate the course of the vital processes and the character of the interaction between man and nature, particularly the influence of the celestial bodies, the sun and moon and various radiations proceeding from outer space and the bowels of the earth!?

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Medieval culture is a culture of religious spirituality and the mortification of the flesh in the name of this spirituality with its orientation on the heavenly kingdom as the highest ideal of earthly existence, to which all the spheres of the life of society are subordinate.

The Research Focus below describes one of these differences—variations in a social norm that condones and even encourages responding to insults with aggression, known as the culture of honor.

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It may therefore be said that culture is a kind of prism, through which everything essential to us is refracted.

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