An analysis of the impact of the abolishment of the selective service system in the us

Draft registration is one of the ways that all young men and possibly soon young women as well have to interact with the military and think about their relationship to military "service".

selective service office

People who register solely in order to be able to afford to go to college, or to get or keep a job, can't be presumed to be willing to be drafted. Each of the forms of disguised resistance The Enrollment Act also established a national Provost Marshal Bureau, led by a provost marshal general and was responsible for enforcing the draft.

Others found them comforting after years of waiting for the Selective Service System to come calling. When the draft has been implemented, it has met some public resistance. It established registration requirements for males ages 19 to 26, and the same criminal penalties for fraudulent registration or evasion.

In a wartime, everybody ought to serve. Some people dismiss the actions of millions of young people who have quietly ignored the requirement to register for the draft or tell the Selective Service whenever they move as presumably apolitical, insignificant, or "cowardly", or as draft "evasion" rather than draft "resistance".

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Selective Service System