An essay on bertolt brecht on communism and his huac hearings

Epic Theatre proposed that a play should not cause the spectator to identify emotionally with the characters or action before him or her, but should instead provoke rational self-reflection and a critical view of the action on the stage. Thirty million others died, including American boys. During the war years, Brecht became a prominent writer of the Exilliteratur. The writer has a special responsibility to serve democracy, to further the free exchange of ideas. Chairman I have heard uh my colleagues uh, uhh, and they consider this question not as proper, but, I am a guest in this country and do not want to enter in any legal argument, so I will answer your question fully, as well I can. He translated, uh, some of my, poems, and I think one play. However, for Buhle and Wagner, a favorable portrayal of Moscow is the only litmus test for radical content. Though the authors desperately want to demonstrate Communism's widespread ideological influence, their examples from films are hardly persuasive. Brecht, uh, could you tell the committee how many times you've been to Moscow? The bombing of the Los Angeles Times offices by unionists had lost popular sympathy for the movement, setting labor progress back several years. Brecht - Yeah Stripling - Uh, Mr. Because her career in films was over, he could not offer himself and Dorothy Parker as a writing team to any studio, nor was any studio willing to employ him alone, because he was the husband of a suspected Communist.

Do you not think that, in such a predicament, every new idea should be examined carefully and freely? And it is my understanding of the function of Congressional Committees that they are set up by the Congress for the express purpose of inquiring into matter that may lead to the initiation of legislation in the Congress.

An essay on bertolt brecht on communism and his huac hearings

No one knew who might be reported for his association with someone else, however slight that association might be; no one knew how suspect were the friends of his friends. I am a novelist and a screen writer and I have produced a certain body of work in the past fifteen years He dedicated himself to directing plays and developing the talents of the next generation of young directors and dramaturgs, such as Manfred Wekwerth, Benno Besson and Carl Weber.

Throughout his theatric production, poems are incorporated into this plays with music. This is very difficult for a layman to understand.

house un-american activities committee

Brecht - May I read my statement? Others were abolitionists in New England in the eighteen forties and fifties.

Brecht would later use elements of Happy End as the germ for his Saint Joan of the Stockyards, a play that would never see the stage in Brecht's lifetime. By the time HUAC completed its second round of hearings, in , the blacklist had grown to hundreds of people, all barred from working at least under their own names in films. I did not want to remain a martyr to something that I absolutely believed was immoral and wrong. I think these are very improper questions for any American to be asked, especially under such compulsion as this. Ten of 19 "unfriendly witnesses" refused to answer questions about party membership and were subsequently held in contempt of Congress. I believe that my choosing my present course I do no dishonor to them, or to those who may come after me. Brecht - Uh when I met him in Germany I, think a, he was a journalist in the Ullstein Press, that is a, not a, not a Communist, uh, was not, Communist, there were no Communist art, uh, papers, though I do not know exactly, whether he was a member of the Communist party of Germany. He named John Howard Lawson as a leader of the party in Hollywood. Brecht - I.. Between HUAC and the McCarthy hearings, Congress held broad, roving investigations into the political activity of many Americans suspected of being communists or communist sympathizers. Thanks to Matusow, the party could claim that all Smith Act trials were rigged.

I have said before that many of these people have some very good tunes.

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The History of Dialogue (3): Brecht vs. the HUAC