An examination of the human rights in afghanistan

Although the government, incriminalized military recruitment of Afghans under 18 years old, the practice continued, notably among the Afghan Local Police ALP and pro-government militias.

The situation remained particularly poor for female prisoners, many of whom have been imprisoned for so-called morality crimes and who are often imprisoned with their children, far from home.

An examination of the human rights in afghanistan

As of December, the results of this investigation had not been made public. Security forces, principally the presidential palace guard, used water cannons to disperse the crowd, but then used live ammunition despite no real threat to public safety—first firing guns over the heads of demonstrators, injuring some protesters, then shooting into the crowd, killing seven. In December , the European Parliament expressed concern about the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, and called on governments to refrain from repatriating Afghans. Armed Conflict The United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan UNAMA documented 2, war-related civilian deaths and 5, injuries in the first nine months of , a slight decrease over the same period in That incident launched the Helmand Peace March, a group of survivors and relatives of victims of suicide bombings and airstrikes who began walking across Afghanistan, stopping in cities along the way, to call for an end to the war. On May 2, , Taliban officials in Shrana district, Paktika province, warned teachers that they would target schools used for elections purposes. In September, the Trump administration reportedly was considering a CIA request to carry out covert drone strikes in Afghanistan; the US military has had exclusive authority to carry out such strikes. Browse Countries. Neither the US nor the Afghan governments conducted adequate investigations into airstrikes that represented possible war crimes.

Insufficient funding for gender, human rights and health issues. It quoted a Bamiyan gynecologist as saying she is asked to perform as many as 10 such inspections of girls or women in a single day.

The growing campaign against virginity testing is heir to that tradition, and reflects the reality that Afghan women more than ever are fighting for their own rights.

What is happening in afghanistan

More than , were displaced in the first 10 months of , bringing the nationwide total to at least 1. The Afghan government carried out few internal reviews of incidents causing civilian casualties. Low political attention and commitment for enhancing gender equality and addressing gender issues in healthcare. US airstrikes increased through , and the US provided Black Hawk helicopters and other equipment to support expanded Afghan government air operations. Conflict-related deaths and injuries of children continued at high rates, with deaths and 1, injuries in the first nine months of Health indicators for women remain poor though women and men experience different vulnerabilities and risks. Gender-based violence GBV in Afghanistan is concerning. The widening armed conflict killed or injured more than 10, civilians between January and December. There were multiple attacks by the Taliban across Afghanistan on the election days of October , which killed and injured more than civilians. May 16, Video Video: Weak Investigations of Civilian Airstrike Deaths in Afghanistan The United States and Afghan governments are not adequately investigating possible unlawful airstrikes in Afghanistan, which may contribute to rising civilian casualties.

A long-standing effort to reform family law, including divorce provisions, remained stalled. Despite an increase in the number of women health workers, women face challenges in accessing services due to gender norms and poor infrastructure. The controversial reversal has left the status of the law in limbo.

The Afghan government carried out few internal reviews of incidents causing civilian casualties.

why is afghanistan unstable

The US military command in Afghanistan also began classifying key data related to the development of Afghan security forces, most of which has been public since On April 18, as voter registration began across Afghanistan, the Taliban issued a statement denouncing the elections and warning people not to participate.

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