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By setting yourself methodical, short-term goals throughout the revision process, you can take away the risk of mistakenly omitting a key topic from your studies. Let's see what BCU student Saaliyah has to say about avoiding distraction before we jump into our top tips Help them to organise a work area: Having somewhere your child can sit down and focus solely on their revision is essential.

Furthermore, you must also make allowances for your life outside of revision. If you plan to devote a week revising each subject, then that will require two or three months of revision.

We've pulled out all the stops to produce the ultimate guide to GCSE revision. We're here to help!

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A balance of these eight elements will help you create a comprehensive and well-organised revision plan, regulated by frequent practice of both past papers and mock exams. Rewards might help — agree on these in advance. Teaching someone else requires you to learn and organise your knowledge in a clear and structured manner. Sometimes the sheer boredom of revising can force you to waste hours procrastinating doing all manner of tasks. Revision facilities Students enjoy a comfortable environment in which to work, 12 to each classroom containing conference-style chairs and lightweight tables with all classrooms offering a flipchart and pens, drywipe whiteboard and pens, data projector or large TV screen. Not only do curricula frequently change, but this is a waste of a finite bank of material which can be incredibly helpful in simulating the exam environment later on. Playing sport, meeting friends and going to concerts are all important outlets you should use to blow off steam. Stick revision notes all around your house So in the exam you think, "Aha, quadratic equations, they were on the fridge Quite often, students end up highlighting whole chunks and passages of text, which can give the appearance of having worked hard, but is of little value. You should also check which exams come first and plan accordingly, and enlist a parent, friend or tutor to help you draw up your timetable — or, more importantly, hold you to it. Revision Planning Having a revision plan is key to successful revision but it is often something that takes as long to think about doing as it does to actually draw it up and use it! If the WhatsApp group isn't pulling you in, that uncompleted Netflix episode is. But for the next couple of months, and especially during the final weeks, it is worth adding some discipline to your lifestyle. Start by speaking to them.

This will make last minute dashes a thing of the past and help get rid of any pre-exam anxiety. When the sun is shining, you can also reap the concentration-boosting benefits of being out in nature by turning your garden into a relaxing place to revise. Join the Guardian Teacher Network for lesson resources, comment and job opportunitiesdirect to your inbox.

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Dress as a medieval knight and demand ale This is an old tradition, which states that anyone attending an examination in full knight's costume has the right to demand a tankard of ale.

Firstly, the larger your plan, the more room you may have to make any additional notes to comment on each revision session — for instance, to note if you had time to explore additional topic areas, or if there was not enough time to finish certain topics. You can pick up some stylish garden cushions from Wyevale Garden Centres to transform your garden into a comfortable, energy-boosting place to revise.

Start revising early — i.

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