Bacteria lab report essay

Luckily, my results still supported my hypothesis, which meant that as I flipped the petri dish over, all four of the Erythromycin disks spontaneously landed onto the correct sectors. A sample was taken from the isolated nutrient agar and a gram stain was done as directed by the lab manual 1.

This final lab report will encompass labs 9 through Secondly, the culture was very difficult to isolate because it grew extremely slowly on the EMB plates and a pure culture took two weeks to achieve. After a successful Gram stain it was classified as a Gram positive cocci which narrowed it down to three bacteria; Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, and Enterococcus faecalis.

Microorganisms are very small organisms that require the use of a micro scope to visualize them, which are bacterium, viruses, fungi the most common and others which are not so common such as parasites.

There were five labs that were conducted in this lab report. The plates were incubated at 37C for 48 hours, and Gram stain procedure with observation under light microscope was performed.

Unknown bacteria lab report gram positive

If the test does not turn red then a second test will be performed to see if nitrite will be further produced. No problems were encountered during the identification of this bacterium. This gram-negative rod shaped bacteria, is notoriously known to cause shigellosis, an acute bloody diarrhea. Results: Table 1: This table shows all the test performed on unknown Using a sterilized inoculating loop a sample was streak on the Nutrient Agar plate. If there is a visible clearing around bacteria growth indicating a positive result. It is unknown as to why two different healthy individuals will have the same strand of CA-MRSA where one will be treated easily and the other will develop a severe fatal infection. Upon returning and observing the streak plate, there was an abundance of green across the plate. Cartwright, Peter. The goal of this report is to identify two unknown bacteria using a series of tests while eliminating unlikely choices. The isolation plate was observed and recorded. From previous biochemical tests done in the semester, Pseudomonas aeruginosa was already suspected because of the green pigment of the original streak plate. This rendered the Gram stain useless in identifying P. All the members Enterobacter aerogenes throughout this report will be referred to as, E. Unknown N was successfully identified as Escherichia coli.

A safranin was drop to the mixture to cover the colorless area and then washed again with distilled water. Contrary to this, studies have found that B.

unknown bacteria lab report gram negative

Scientific writing is written differently from other types of writing. Upon return and observation, the MSA did not yield a good isolated colony. A negative VP test and a positive sorbitol test concurred with the expected results of P.

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Unknown Microbiology Lab Report Essay