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Swot analysis of indian economy 2018

What are your most negative brand attributes? For example, maybe a decrease in interest rate can give you an opportunity to borrow fund at lower rate and invest more in the company to expand more. But I am not sure If your business troubles seem never ending, then it's the time to go for a business make over. Outsource2india has the necessary technology, advanced data analytical capability, domain expertise and business intelligence that creates high levels of measurable business value to customers. Meanwhile, due to poor infrastructure, multiplicity of taxes, high cost of fuel, dependence largely on the road transportation, etc. As per the Images Retail research, FY15 will witness a jump in the share of organised retail. Government regulations can also threaten the business proceedings of Amazon in some critical countries. What are your most positive brand attributes? A lot of 6. Because, the opportunities depend on the external factors like political conditions, population growth of a country or any specific area, change in interest rate or inflation, opportunities given by government etc. These are the advantages your business has over other restaurants and give you an edge. You generally do not have control over these factors; however, they must still be very much included in your restaurant business plan as they prepare you for unforeseen circumstances. In short, Amazon needs to strengthen its key areas, minimize its weaknesses, avail opportunities, and counteract threats for future progress. As a whole, they generate massive profits and advantages for the company.

Can I reduce the weakness? Inthere were about million people in the emerging middle class. You could use your restaurant POS to ensure that you make maximum profits. Is changing technology threatening your position?

swot analysis of indian economy 2019

The threats can be natural disaster, bad political condition in a country, or increasing competition in the market. Every threat, and the appropriate reaction to that threat, is different.

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Increase competitive edges and enlarge the gap between Amazon and its biggest competitors. Another benefit of SWOT analyses is that this technique can be applied to a wide range of scenarios, not just as an overview of your business. To compete with the prices of its chain competitors, our restaurateurs may be forced to either compromise on their values to secure cheaper ingredients, or willingly cut into their profit margins to remain competitive. SWOT analysis of India: Conclusion India boasts an impressive population of youth who are itching to get out and work. What does your company do better than other companies in your industry? As a result, we will be able to avoid future threats in future. However, conducting a SWOT analysis provides you with the opportunity to not only identify these factors, but also develop and implement tangible roadmaps and timelines for potential solutions. Based on this analysis, you can set objectives and goals for your business and get a clearer and more objective picture to base your decisions on. To grand even more Indians these basic necessities, the government needs to focus on closing the gap between the poor and working class. The country has a strong industrial base and an abundance of grain and crops. Before the country realized economic liberalization, it was common for most of the population to go without basic living necessities. These could be possible trends that you can catch on early and harness them to attract customers. Independence is another advantage of owning a businesses does not have skilled personnel. Threats Threats are those external factors that can potentially hamper your restaurant business. Soon enough, this bell had to be shut down because of the high volumes of sales.

There are retailers who have exited cities because of the high rentals that put more pressure on profitability. Thus, it executes reliable, secure, and fast delivery of goods and products to the customers.

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The steadily growing population is another problem. Poor Infrastructure and Supply Chain Management Apart from the political and regulatory scenario, infrastructure will play an important role in deciding how this sector will evolve and retailers will manage the supply chain. What obstacles do you face? With new policy reforms, increasing purchasing power, and changing spending pattern, we are bound to see a difference in the coming years. Opportunities: Investments needed for 69 Indian countries Back in , most Indians lived without the essentials. Every threat, and the appropriate reaction to that threat, is different. This type of analysis is not what an exterminator does upon arriving at a roach-infested tenement.

Are the required specifications for your job, products or services changing?

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