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The interviewer might want to talk about things you missed out or got wrong on the pre-interview task. She has been living there since 3 years. Use the CELTA interview as an opportunity to show your enthusiasm and motivation for teaching and learning. Make sure to double-check the time of your interview, especially if your interviewer is in a different time-zone to you.

Form is either: the part of speech a word is; a spade is a noun or how a structure is formed; 3rd person singular adds -s An example question would be to explain the difference between the following two sentences: A Peter lives in Manchester B Peter is staying with friends in London So you would need to think about the difference in meaning between the two sentences and the different structures that are used Sentence A shows that this is a permanent situation present simplewhereas sentence B shows a temporary situation present continuous Or you might be asked to correct mistakes and give a reason for the corrected version.

If you found something particularly difficult during the pre-interview task it would be a good idea to brush up on your knowledge of that before the interview.

She has been living there for 3 years. In most cases, you will also need to complete a written exercise where you will likely be asked to reflect on your learning or teaching experiences.

The centre will be interested in why you are wanting to do the course and will want to get to know you a little.

celta pre interview task answers 2018

She is currently spending a ski season in Canada with her husband David and blogging about it at daleksabroad. While you should try your best at the pre-interview task, as it offers you an opportunity to showcase your language skills, CELTA providers will not expect you to get everything right and it is not worth unduly stressing about.

The pre-interview tasks vary in content, length and complexity but all have the objective to give you and the CELTA provider a better idea of the level of your language skills. You are also likely to be asked about your previous teaching experience if you have any, or about your thoughts on what being a good teacher entails.

The task will help you to see what language difficulties you might have.

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CELTA Interview: What to Expect?