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CPs are usually sold at a discount from face value, and carries higher interest repayment rates than bonds. They would not be likely to look to individual investors as a source of capital to fund the transaction.

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He also noted that a bank or mutual fund with surplus temporary liquidity will prefer to subscribe to commercial papers and earn a slightly higher return in the short-term than parking funds under reverse repo.

Short term general funding that may require assets for collateral.

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However, it can be used as a source of finance only by large companies enjoying high credit rating and sound financial health.

If the due date happens to fall on a holiday, the company shall be liable to make payment on the immediate preceding working day.

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As present day commerce is built upon credit, the trade credit arrangement of a firm with its suppliers is an important source of short-term finance. However, it must be noted that it may not be desirable or even possible to postpone these expenses for a long period.

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Corporates which enjoy a high rating can diversify their sources of shortterm borrowings using CPs. Some financial institutions even allow their customers to write checks and make transfers online with commercial paper fund accounts in the same manner as a cash or money market account. What are the advantages of issuing CPs? Advances 5. Funding based on inventory levels. Cost can be near the prime rate, but is closely monitored by the lender. The major portion of working capital loans are provided by commercial banks. Want to know more?

Advantages of commercial paper: High credit ratings fetch a lower cost of capital.

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An Introduction to Commercial Paper