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In exceptional circumstances the admissions panel may consider applications from those who do not have experience of studying creative writing or English literature at university: in such cases applicants must be able to provide evidence of significant prior activity as a creative writer.

The courses run for six weeks.

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Applicants for advabced courses only: it is essential that you clearly state your reasons for wishing to enrol on specific seminars. In it, you will test the boundaries between fiction, poetry, nonfiction, drama, journalism, and various other sorts of creative writing which, taken together, constitute a vast and intricate wonder-scape just waiting to be explored. Students seeking formal college credit, of course, will need to attend all the classes if they wish to receive full credit. These must be in English. As a guideline prose fiction, creative non-fiction and dramatic dialogue samples should be no more than 1, words in length please provide an extract of a longer piece of work if appropriate ; applicants for the poetry seminar should provide five short poems. A Perusable Feast is a genre-mashing, experimental writing course aimed at helping you ask yourself the questions: What sort of writer am I? For further information on English language qualifications:. You are the cook and the banqueter. What our students say If you're thinking of applying but aren't sure what to expect, why not read what some of our recent students have to say about their experience of studying here? Applicants for whom English is not their first language must provide evidence of their competency in the form of an original certificate or a certified copy that is not more than two years old on the date the summer school starts. We ask that people let us know of any disability or special need confidentially if required so that we can help them participate as fully as possible. The program also attracts a number of retirees often couples. The MSt is taught over two years in short, intensive study blocks.

What will you get out of the Creative Writing Summer Course? If the system shows that you require a visa: you should apply for a short-term study visawhich allows students over the age of 18 to study either part-time or full-time for up to 6 months in the UK.

Selection criteria This is an intensive programme of study taught to an informed international audience.

Creative writing summer course online

The MSt is taught over two years in short, intensive study blocks. Courses are open to everyone, with no previous knowledge or experience required - and you can choose either to study online or via face-to-face tuition. The enrolment process includes the issuing of invoices, which will be emailed to students together with full instructions for payment see "Payment", above.

Further course information Students will receive the following information by email from ipwriters conted. This is an excellent choice if you would like to practice writing.

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Creative Writing Online Course