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Instead, we want all improvements or new functionality to be made available from one place—this repository—thus making it easier for everyone to benefit from such changes. Among other things, this means that you are not allowed to redistribute any derivatives of the contents of this repository.

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The second argument is the body of the dedication. Using one of these overrides all the base options. I was lucky in this regard; our college gave us a lot of freedom. You almost never need to read all of it, and as you get more acquainted with La TeX in general, you'll also get better at finding the important bits which matter for your particular use case. For formatting paragraph indents and spacing between paragraphs, refer to the Paragraph Formatting section. You can download related source as zip file here:. These will be generated automatically if you provide the necessary information.

Note that the special content like the table of contents is considered as an unnumbered chapter. The first argument is the official university designation of the department, e.

Lists with generally recommended packages have already been linked by others, so I'll avoid repeating those here. By default it is set to 3.

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Title page Again, follow the instructions of your institution if there are any. Often, the page numbers are changed to roman for this introductory part of the document and only later, for the actual content, arabic page numbering is used. The second argument is the department name, e. I prefer doing it manually this saves me the time of importing and exporting all the time. Not only that you have real trouble in navigating through your document, but also Texmaker is getting slow if the files are getting too big. Section headings are centered, and any heading below a subsection is inlined. As you note, we have just created a new chapter containing two sections. It might make sense to check out some beginner-friendly resources though -- this question might have something of interest on that front. Addison-Wesley, fourth edition, Page numbering in the automatically-generated prologue pages contents page, etc. Share this:. Entries for the ToC are recorded each time you process your document, and reproduced the next time you process it, so you need to re-run LaTeX one extra time to ensure that all ToC pagenumber references are correctly calculated. They can be entered in any order. Headings are all in boldface, and chapter, section, and subsection headings are numbered.

Anyone can now download the same game for their own computer in any number of forms. Page numbers will be printed in arabic numerals. Using one of these overrides all the base options.

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Writing a thesis in LaTeX