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The speciality of poly-communality of a prismatic society is there are many ethnic groups or religious and cultural groups and the relation among these groups is not always cordial.

But the prismatic society has also an administrative department or sub-department and Riggs calls it sala. The love for formalism may be traced by several factors. In his judgment these are the ideal types of societies found in the real world.

Harmonization of administrative efficiency by keeping a number of organization layers for managing actions and measuring span of controls f. If it is to be done in government, can it be separated out from policy problems?

He observed that almost all the researchers were comparing the administrative structures of both developed and developing states and did not bring the influence of environment into consideration. The task of political executives was therefore limited to policy making and direction of government activities, while administrative officials formulate, implement and evaluate public policies.

The states of Asia and Africa who were colonies and have achieved freedom in the second half of the last century fall under this category. These factors were at play in the dominance and subordination of activities within the interrelationship identified in the Political, Economic, Administrative, Cultural, Religious, Social, Cultural and Psychological Arenas by Abernethy Santra, Environmental Science.

environmental factors affecting public administration

The monetization of policy process leading to heightened corruption in public service. Even the living elements of the environment are in numerous ways influencing the society.

ecology of development administration

Rather, hostility among the ethnic, cultural or religious groups is very common.

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