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Being obese can put you at high risk from various cardiovascular issues as well as strokes. Junk foods should be banned from school lunch menus due to the fact that they affect both the body and the mind negatively.

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In this scenario, every one of us is enjoying well the taste of junk food because it is delicious, affordable and readily available. Thus, buying pizza, French fries, or burger seems to be a perfect option, especially for those who cannot boast perfect cooking skills.

On the other hand, healthy foods are what we need for our bodies to function properly.

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It is the lazy part of their lives and their physique and personal health is being affected. Burgers are also not bad, only if they are prepared at home. To maintain a balanced health, a person needs to follow a very discipline diet which includes eating the right food, and knowing the nutrients needed to stay healthy. He further suggested that we should be eating healthy meals that give us energy. Yet it still would not stop you from purchasing as many as you desire. What is junk food you might ask. However, if its benefits are taken into account and if schools adopt a twelve-year fitness plan, the positive results will foster a new awareness of not only physical fitness but also communication skills. It causes severe problems physically, emotionally, and mentally. A typical teenager today spends much more time in front of a PC or Essay on healthy substitutes of junk food, on a regular basis, than doing physical exercise. Fast food restaurant chains offer a vast variety of items in their menus, but the food needs to be cooked quickly for crowds of people within a short time. I can prove it that there is no rule that says healthy food can not taste good! It came in that cool little red box with some fries and chicken nuggets.

The amount of overweight adolescents and younger children sky rocketed in the past few years, and more than tripled since the s. Feeding the world with speedy and reliable food comes with great nutritional consequences, as will be elaborated herein. Today, many people want to use taxes for a different reason and some have already done so.

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Encyclopedia of Junk Food and Fast Food. Regularly eating junk food can cause many negative repercussions including weight gain, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.

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Healthy foods are the ones that have nutritious value to our bodies. Some healthier options at a burger chain are the following Fast food vs. Here are the topic ideas for an essay about food: Alternating method you find points that are common to both subject A and B and simply alternate between them: paragraph 1 deals with subject A based on one certain point, then paragraph 2 deals with subject B based on the exact same point ; Block method the first part of the essay focuses entirely on subject A, while the second one is developed around subject B. Sometimes it becomes uncontrollable causing individuals have an excessive amount of fat stored in their body making their metabolism slow down They only become a health hazard to us, if we over-abuse our cravings. However a basic meal at McDonalds consisting of a Big Mac, a medium French fry and a medium vanilla shake contains about one thousand six hundred eighty calories Change in cooking: The good news regarding fast food is the fact that most of these companies have instituted radical change as to how their food is prepared so as to make it healthier. The Obama administration tried to enforce a healthy lifestyle among the citizens by focusing on the youth and taking away sugar options for them.

Look at all athletes and compare them with fast food junkies.

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Essay Example: Fast Food vs. Healthy Food