Essay on rapid population growth essay

Essay on rapid population growth essay

As we all know we consume materials and energy from earth and then return heat and wastes to earth. Over population may be the biggest cause for the destruction of a nation.

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Government has the fewer amounts to spend on social services such as education, hospital, housing, infrastructure etc which are essentially required for a progressive country. Overpopulation and poverty have long been associated with increased death, and disease. The reason that it is becoming a concern is because it has affected the economic, environmental, and social aspects of our world.. Birth rate is consistently increasing resulting in a drain of resources as there is an increase in demand. In the poorest countries, massive efforts are needed to keep social and economic conditions from deteriorating further; any real advances in well-being and the quality of life are negated by further population growth. In order to understand why rapid population growth is a threat and why we need to control it we must examine the problems which population expansion generates. Population may cause unemployment and also effects the economical development of any country. Second best example can be taken of China as 25 years ago here government implemented the rule of one child in a family. Our population is rising beyond the earth's ability to maintain a reasonable quality of life. The exponential growth at which the population is moving is having direct impacts on climate, energy, poverty, food, the global economy, and politics Why Population Matters. In the year it hit 6 billion, and without a sign of slowing down, continue to increase at an unprecedented pace.

There are 3,6 billion human beings on the face of the Earth. Poor health decreases the ability of the poor to work and put them deeper into poverty.

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As Government is providing subsidy on basic items, it is left with a minimal amount to be used in, developmental projects aiding to the growth in economy. The reason that it is becoming a concern is because it has affected the economic, environmental, and social aspects of our world. The population is increasing rapidly. It creates imbalance in city and shortage of resources. This essay is specially written for understanding the issues its causes, its affects and most importantly the solution. With increased knowledge humans learned how to farm, domesticate animals and used irrigation to meet their needs. The history of the modern environmental movement from the s to the present consist of the a lot of Acts that were created to help the world such as the Words: - Pages: 3 Population Density - Words Population 1 Population Density Coty J. Malthus believes that population will exceed food supply. It provides the reader with real and credible information about the current state of overpopulation, its tendencies and projections into the future. Over population may be the biggest cause for the destruction of a nation. This essay concentrates on how population growth and poverty issues are interrelated with each other as well as being related to the concept of sustainable development.

Malthus's essay paper topic, was looking for educators. This plan must be based on the fact that the control of the rapid population growth is necessary globally; otherwise, earth's environment will be put into greater danger,the overexploitation of natural resources will continue and poverty will rise in most of the world's countries.

Many environmental, social, and economic problems either stem from or are increased in magnitude by the overpopulation problem. This rate of growth can be graphically interpreted as a J-shape pattern. Japan is the best example as there government is motivating to increase the birth rate in an attempt to minimize the age gap.

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Research Prey Initial Size: The beginning number of prey Prey Growth Rate: The birth rate of the prey Predator Initial Size: The beginning number of predators Predator Death Rate: Death rate of predators; higher rate means the predators will die out quicker Capture Efficiency: Words: - Pages: 2 Australia's Population - Words The population of Australia has increased largely since the turn of 20th the century and it is not controlled or monitored.

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Long and Short Essay on Population Growth in English for Children and Students