Food export business plan

how to start import export business in india

Small businesses make up nearly all of the U. Packaged Food and Beverage Exports You can also actually package and brand food products and then sell them directly to consumers or retail outlets in other countries.

If all your customers tell you your offering is too large, then size it to their liking. Even though your letter is in English, this little touch shows that you do know something about the French language and that you've taken the care and courtesy to address the recipient in his own tongue.

And there are many new products that you can introduce to the African markets as well. If it's a product, inform the customer about production capacities, production facilities, product quality, supply chain timing, packaging, transportation, and price.

Talk with your importer and get familiar with the shipment method that works best for your country of destination. Transportation Equipment Exports You can also focus on equipment for transportation companies like aviation parts or equipment for railway systems.

Maybe you're only experienced in the United States so far. Some of them are even free, or they offer you a free trial to enjoy until you afford to pay for a subscription.

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A Sample Rice Export Company Business Plan Template