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When they try to recall pieces of music, they keep thinking about what they had learned before; and, keep their brain working to come up with musical materials. Playing musical instruments is a long journey, which is actually a race between talent and effort.

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In the passage, Graff explains in the s people were not so hatred towards intellectualism but, in favor of it. However, they also establish an impressive amount of credibility.

In this age of computers, where even hand written letters are in danger of becoming extinct, many readers may not know what a penny postcard is.

He thinks street smarts is an example of intelligence. They have to find ways to understand musical material well.

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Are you smart, but secretly acting dumb in public to get attention. In other word, teachers are not giving enough support to these quitters. Katsh, Shelley, and Carol Merle-Fishman.

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Gerald Graff's Hidden Intellectualism Summary Essay Example