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There was blood, there was cold concrete. We all peeked into the room, three at a time, and after 14 minutes in the crypt, we went back outside to the loading room.

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And then our guide pulled out a red bag, and just peeking out, was a tiny foot, no bigger than 4 inches. When I went to work the next day, I told my coworkers about the experience. It had just gone too far to handle.

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What once may have been vibrant physical beings were now reduced to soul-less slabs of meat on cold steel. Either that, or closed their eyes. The skin had been cut down the center, and peeled back, and pinned, exposing the entire ribcage and organs. The X-ray room was closed, but there was a screen that showed the X-ray that had just been taken. He was informal and conversational, and not shy about throwing in swear words here and there. I attended the hospital portion first at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. In conclusion, I was impressed with the quality of the program and feel that I learned a lot. There were a few visitor parking spots directly in front of the building, but they were already taken. Certainly not for the faint of heart, the videos show what could happen to participants if they continue to drink and drive. There were about 25 of us in attendance, with only two people under And then our guide pulled out a red bag, and just peeking out, was a tiny foot, no bigger than 4 inches. The first takes place at a participating county hospital, and includes an overall lecture and presentation from an experienced member of the ER staff, including slideshows of horrific accidents related to drunk driving and demonstrations of the emergency techniques that are necessary in such situations. The following is an essay I was required to turn into the court about my experience. One thing for sure, death does not discriminate. No, she replied, this is were they keep the babies.

The instructor focused mainly on making healthy lifestyle choices and what tools we could use to make those decisions. It felt as if we were in a Costco meat department, behind the butchers glass, that you see as a customer.

I have never even attended a funeral before.

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Some bodies had clear plastic sheets draped over them. The crypt is like a large warehouse with concrete flooring and bright fluorescent lighting. It was like a bad dream, and then it hit me like a wall. Imagine explaining that situation to the rest of the family. It was another body on a gurney. At the end of the hallway, we gathered in a room where a body was being photographed. Later, the instructor told us that it would be okay to park in the lot, especially on a Saturday. Welcome to Costco. What did I see? The smell of the facility made the biggest impression on me. Jonathan March 18, Another increasingly popular condition of probation for a DUI offense is that the defendant completes the Hospital and Morgue Program. The hospital portion left me with an appreciation of the many blessings there are in life to be appreciated, while touring the morgue left a stark reminder of how fragile the gift of life truly is and of the seemingly omni-present hand of death that is there knocking at the door in one form or another.

To top off the strangeness of this experience, the MEC also has a gift shop called Skeletons in the Closet. We received our completion papers, and as I left, my mouth blurted out questions my mind must have wanted to know.

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It felt like a privilege to be able to see this side of death investigation. But I happened to look up at the exact moment of passing an autopsy room, and the sight I saw- I can never erase. Most of my clients who have been ordered to complete this program had no idea what it was or what it involved, other than what the name suggests. I could even say, they were the best times of my life. Our main speaker presented several gruesome and disturbing images from scenes of deadly accidents caused by drunk driving. Then the worst part of the tour happened. The instructor called my name and I went up to get my paperwork from him. Also, he acknowledged that many of us have already attended or are attending an alcohol education program and did not want to repeat too much information that we may already have heard.

We were told that he was out drinking the night before with a friend and during an argument, the friend killed him.

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