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Supposedly, it can even reveal the vulnerable sides of some of the most powerful and successful people in the country. If you are looking for a place to learn graphology handwriting analysis then you are in the right place! In Comprehensive CHA course program, you will receive more than 10 books 1 book can be tens or even hundreds of pages plus various complementary tools: Flash Card, Worksheets, etc. Karohs and her program achieve high marks across all of these considerations. Did you Know? The last two courses I had gone through about 10 years ago does not even compared! With KAROHS study courses, you will learn from the pros who have been working in the field, and who will guide you, step by step, to become a professional graphologist yourself. You will not be getting only one or two study guides!

Our teachers are practicing graphologist, and they are very busy. I enlisted certified graphologist Elaine Charalwho offered to analyze my handwriting and give me a free personality report. It can also be of immense help in marriage guidance, and people from all walks of life can benefit immensely from this practical and growth oriented science.

Why You Should Learn Graphology? Secondly, since it is self-managed, I evaluate how well the course allows the student to navigate the materials in an autonomous fashion.

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Students are even taught how to sell their graphology services professionally. Karohs, the leading graphology figure in the world today. There's an entire science behind handwriting analysis, called graphology, and it's used by everyone from marriage counselors to potential employers.

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