How to write a professional blog post

But in a harsh kink of fate this leads to exactly the worst kind of writing —the dreaded flowery prose.

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If you want people to take you seriously develop evidence-based opinions. Fast and slow, loud and soft, urgency and ease.


For better or worse, we skim when we read online. They are mostly used ironically these days so unless you are an enthusiastic teenager, use with care. While taken from sources believed to be reliable, I have not independently verified such information and makes no representations about the enduring accuracy of the information or its appropriateness for a given situation.

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Step 5: Edit your blog post. We all have fears.

First blog post template

Remember: People see tons of content every day, so you need to make sure yours is the best. In fact, the media uses the negativity bias to capture our attention because it works so well. Introduction Rule 3. Like This Article? I originally hesitated to even post those since I thought they would be too obscure, but instead I found that people either appreciated it more. Twitter is one good example of this What are the e-mail domains and companies that are visiting this blog, and how would I better serve those readers? The meta description should include your focus keyword, should explain the article and should be under characters long. Things like bad spelling and grammar, or using a lot of cliches can really affect the overall reader experience. Easy to read and scan.
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