How was napoleon bonaparte a good and bad leader

The effort was in response to the French Revolution, which erupted due to the injustice, and unfair legal practices that were adopted by the French government under King Louis XII rule Dean, All of this tells me that Napoleon had mostly positive impacts on the lower classes, whereas the nobility would probably prefer to not have him in power.

He needed to make the government believe he was indispensable, but he also felt a need to enhance his own prestige.

good things napoleon did

This effectively inspired confidence and trust in his people, so they were willing to follow him wherever he led.

What makes Napoleon an exceptional and invaluable study for any aspiring leader is that his defects are as instructive as his strengths: the flaws in his character are exactly those that are most likely to be an aspect of any forceful and ambitious personality — in short, of any potential leader.

Napoleon was a very effective motivator. Have a little patience. Napoleon established the Bank of France and balanced the budget, encouraged growth of industry, controlled prices so more people had access to higher quality items, and built canals to encourage trade.

It is these situations that followers seek leaders who are able to interpret the crisis and offer credible strategies in addressing them. Lesson for leaders: Don't set aside high-potential employees and keep them above the fray.

napoleon leadership qualities

Instead, he looked for ways to even up the numbers without seeking reinforcements, and that was through his brilliant strategizing.

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