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Free year 1 writing activities

What did the family feel about the children? They have many adventures before the treasure is found. What did Stewart enjoy and why? We want to be better than them! Do the boys have any family of similar ages? What is it that Andy has forgotten to do? I chase hedgehogs into piles of leaves to sleep, For the Winter soon creeps up behind me! The two children, weary from their long journey, looking small and lost, picked up their bags and followed the couple outside. Everything was silent apart from the slow drip of water above my head. Stewart really enjoyed the day and Fiona did not. The children s parents did not go with them - they went alone. Task Your task is to write a letter to your local councillor arguing that the pond should be kept for people to enjoy. You will only be allowed the usual lunch and play times. This ensured that the features of that particular type of writing remained firmly embedded in the children s memory.

What is the pond used for? Task Your task is to write a poem in the same style as above imagining that the feeling is actually a person.

Young children often use these when they are learning to walk.

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It tells how George tries to join his friends to help build the den and look after Alfie at the same time possibly with a disastrous result! However, George had planned to build a den with his friends in Bluebell Wood.

Choose a feeling from anger, sadness or fear.

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I chase hedgehogs into piles of leaves to sleep, For the Winter soon creeps up behind me! Thus when the children were tested or came to write in that particular genre at a later date it was not just a distant memory.

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