Ink smudges when writing about a book

Flag: Posted 20 January - Sorry if this has been discussed before, I tried to do some searching but with little success.

how to remove ink from cheque

I prefer spiral notebooks, but if I have to I could look into printer paper, printing lines on it, and then investing in a 3-hole punch for binders. Anyone know how to get ballpoint ink and Sharpie ink off textbook pages without erasing all the other print?

Toss parts into plastic bag with CS. They were never published in his lifetime. According to Ms Lit, wearing the SmudgeGuard 'keeps the sweaty hand away from ink or graphite and it will allow your hand to glide over the paper more easily.

This book is a direct contrast to his letters, where it is rare to find a single error. Those who get caught in heavy showers can also dry their hair quickly by putting on the handy gloves and rubbing their wet tresses, say the makers. The 'Hair Drying Gloves' look just like ordinary gloves and their makers claim they dry wet hair twice as fast as the traditional bathroom towel.

The gadget is made from spandex and nylon and stops any perspiration from the skin touching the page, which is the usual cause for stains Frustrating: Using an ink pen when left-handed can make writing neat messages almost impossible When a person writes their hand can perspire, which makes ink or graphite adhere to the moist skin and causes smudges to appear.

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Empty Spaces, Smudged Ink, and Car Revelations by Natalie Knudsen