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There are two dimensions of supervisory styles which affect the job satisfaction: First is Employee Centeredness. Isolated workers dislike their jobs.

When satisfaction is high, absenteeism is low and when satisfaction is low, absenteeism is high. People will be happier in their jobs if the environment that surrounds them is made comfortable and positive.

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Satisfied employees lead to extend more effort to job performance, then work harder and better. It also tried to find possible solutions to improve high CA performance in the workplace. By far, the most common method for collecting data regarding job satisfaction is the Likert scale named after Rensis Likert.

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The main drawback of this theory is that the same factor may serve as a satisfier for one and dissatisfies for another. The other set of factors lead to satisfaction e. Secondary data collection method was used by referring to various websites, books, magazines, journals and daily newspapers for collecting information. Hence every organization tries to create a satisfied work force to operate the well- being of the organization. Less satisfied employees are more likely to be absent from work due to avoidable reasons. These studies have revealed consistent correlation of certain variables with the job satisfaction. Related Articles:. Organisationally speaking, high level of job satisfaction reflects a highly favourable organisational climate resulting in attracting and retaining better workers. After a while, they realize that they were wrong about their career dreams and fantasies.
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Essay on Job Satisfaction