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This module will be of particular interest to those students who are curious about language and education, or who are considering working in educational contexts. Throughout the module, we will apply some of the above concepts to understanding phonetic variation in English, including various kinds of social and geographical variation.

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The module should be considered as having a cumulative effect, in that books discussed early on may be drawn upon in later weeks to illustrate different aspects of writing. The module's programme of lectures will begin with a detailed introduction to the method before moving on, later in the term, to discuss the applications and implications of the method. These courses provide a rare opportunity to combine creative and critical writing at Masters level. We will learn about vocal anatomy and physiology, including the oral cavity, the larynx, and the extrinsic and intrinsic muscles of the tongue. Through this process, you will gain a deeper understanding of many important concepts such as structure, linguistic texture and resonance, point-of-view, form, pace, characterisation, the mediation of tone, and reader awareness. In addition to these learning and teaching methods we encourage independent study, meaning you take responsibility for your own learning. For more information visit our Teaching Approach page. For most programmes Part 1 requires you to study credits spread over at least three modules which, depending upon your programme, will be drawn from one, two or three different academic subjects. You will also learn how linguists provide explanations for why languages are structured the way they are, given the functions they serve. This is assessed through a short dissertation proposal.

This enables you and your tutors to explore the very latest thinking within your subject and develops your skills in problem solving, analysis and critical reflection, communication, application of knowledge and modern technologies.

Optional 18th Century Literature In introducing students to the poetry, prose and drama of the eighteenth century, our emphasis will be on the energy and inventiveness which characterise the literature of this deeply divided period.

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Language Origins and Evolution This module examines explanations of how language evolved in humans. You will discover the major critical concepts and debates of recent years and assess their strengths and limitations as models of literary interpretation.

In addition to these learning and teaching methods we encourage independent study, meaning you take responsibility for your own learning. Literacy and Education This module focuses on the role of literacy in relation to education.

Typical coursework assignments include laboratory reports, essays, literature reviews, short tests, poster sessions, group work assessment and oral presentations. During the module, you are also expected to keep a journal, in which you reflect upon your writing and reading.

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You are expected to keep a journal throughout the module, the contents of which will be used to create the reflective essay for your portfolio. You will complete a dissertation of 10, words, which must be properly annotated and have an appropriate bibliography. You will be encouraged to seek out new reading as a result of seminar discussion.

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English Language and Creative Writing BA Hons (Q3WV)