Low impact logging business plans

While this is not absolutely essential, an environmentally sensitive method of logging like the low-impact system requires a fairly detailed knowledge of the forests, and which areas can be properly cleared and how. In CL operations most trees are felled in their leaning direction so that the felling gaps rarely overlap.

The trees being small, ended up being sold to a mill that only bought small trees for blocking. Figure 20 shows the mechanism for data entry in the following categories: 1.

Compartment area damaged by roads Figure 14, with 58 observations, indicates that site damage at RIL sites was 57 percent less than at CL sites. If you would like to start a small one or two-man logging business, consider this approach.

Small scale sawmill business

If I'm a logging contractor I've budgeted in for my truck and driver time to be supplied each day with X loads the horses can't make that rate, I can see me losing money having the truck sitting waiting. Figure 7. It will be worthwhile for your customers to have a product that they can feel good about. Future studies must record and report planning and pre-harvest operational inventory costs in more detail. The training of workers and supervisors for RIL techniques usually includes some instructions on efficient bucking. Continue Reading. Approach a large bank that has a track record of assisting in the startup of innovative business. Taken together with the observation in Figure 3, we can conclude that CL involves extracting larger trees. Fuel costs will be expensive, so will labor. It's best to hire them by the board foot for these reasons.

Check with the local governments to determine what all is needed. These are a harvester -- a machine that cuts down trees -- and a forwarded -- a machine that carries them to the roadside. You can go into a small woodlot and harvest timber because you don't have all the overhead that the big guys do.

Anytime organic material goes back into the soil it is beneficial to the whole ecosystem. Taken together with the observation in Figure 3, we can conclude that CL involves extracting larger trees. If you have a good and workable business plan document in place, you may not have to labor yourself before convincing your bank, investors and your friends to invest in your business.

logging businesses

Felling costs in RIL and CL One reason for the significant difference between the two types of logging is that RIL, on average, extracts smaller trees, and therefore felling costs per cubic metre are higher.

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Starting a Logging Business