Make money writing a travel blog

See how they can help you here. Work on paid campaigns Working hard in Kyrgyzstan Eventually, when you have built up your audience and social media channels, you may have paid opportunities come your way.

I rely on advertising and affiliate sales, other travel bloggers prefer to be paid to promote destinations, hotels, attractions and so on.

Become a public speaker Public speaking is a great way to make money while also spreading awareness and establishing yourself as an authority.

how travel bloggers make money on instagram

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Another incredible thing about building an audience is that they will listen to you and reach out for your advice. What you can charge will depend on what your Domain Authority is and the amount of readers you have.

travel blogger salary

Offering products for sale allows you to be independent from sponsors and brand deals and not compete with other travel bloggers for spots on press trips see below. People are prepared to pay a lot of money for backlinks.

how to be a travel blogger and make money

You should not. It involves a lot of smarts and learning from the right people. Do you see what I mean by narrowing your niche now?

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How Much Money Can You Make From a Travel Blog?