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We have to interact with the consumer because if we do not interact with the consumer we would not know what they want. The model is presented in figure For instance; internet, newspapers, commercials, billboards etc.

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What is a brand? Actually does a lot, generally our distribution is kind of, as appropriate as it could be, once if our distribution is probably improved we could reach out more of the target market, and another thing that we have to do is we have to explicitly state out our brand identity, because basically when people see us as a music channel, most of people probably do not correct that.

It is challenging for the brand to facilitate their target audience as they want to see a variety.

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This bilingual approach meets the challenges of advertising in Pakistan. Any unique product with its own identity and values is a brand.

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Based on the argument carried forward by C. It is the brand that could solve this problem as the brand is the true and long lasting asset for any company. From the survey I got to know that mostly people watch all kinds of channels. Any benefit that the brand can bring to the life of the consumer, how it changes his life. Talking about consumers his prime concept about the target audience was that they are the decision makers, who decide whether they feel like to be associated with the particular brand. It is challenging for the brand to facilitate their target audience as they want to see a variety. How a brand projects or positions itself in its target market, affects how consumers respond to it ultimately.

The sales and marketing department plans marketing strategies for the channel. Hence, after knowing personality traits of a brand, agency works accordingly on campaigning of it.

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The team can include different people from different backgrounds, for example a Brand Manager is a Person who has marketing responsibilities to develop and execute marketing programs that increase brand identity and awareness for a specific product I think of that money as venture capital.

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