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As the turbine turns, it causes an electro-magnet to turn inside coils of wire in the generator.

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Thehydraulic coupling and two claws coupling with coupling guardsare also delivered along with the pump. If it is that of a specialist, it would emphasize some techniques and knowledge like operations, research, finance, production, and personnel management.

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This would provide the rationale of the various training methods. A simple impulse turbine is not very efficient because it doesnot fully use the velocity of the steam.

Fuel gas is usually composed of carbon dioxide CO2 and water vapor as well as nitrogen and excess oxygen remaining from the intake combustion air. The control valves are cylinder mounted on the turbine casing.

In either case, to force water into the boiler, the pump must generate sufficient pressure to overcome the steam pressure developed by the boiler.

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The steam superheated in further tubes superheaters passes to turbine where it is discharged through the nozzle on the turbine blades. A sincere effort has been made to maintain physical concepts in various operations. The cooled water is then pumped back to the boiler to repeat the heating process. After passing through the last turbinestage, the steam exhausts into the condenser or process steamsystem. Cooling tower use evaporation of water to reject heat from processes such as cooling the circulaing water used in oil refineries, chemical plants, power plants, etc. The absorbed heat is rejected to the atmosphere by the evaporation of some of the cooling water in mechanical forced — draft or induced draft towers or in natural draft hyperbolic shaped cooling towers as seen at most nuclear power plants. By returning partiallyexpanded steam to a reheat, the average temperature at which heatis added is increased and by expanding this reheated steam to theremaining stages of the turbine, the exhaust wetness isconsiderably less than it would otherwise be conversely, if themaximum tolerable wetness is allowed, the initial pressure of thesteam can be appreciably increased. Energy input per stage is less, so there are more number of stages. The kinetic energy of the steam changes into mechanical erringly through the impact impulse or reaction of thesteam against the blades.

Boiler, power plant, and heating, ventilating and air conditioning. The safety in operation and efficiency of the feed pump depends largely on the reliable operation and maintenance.

Ntpc project report

The actuated by a lift bar which is raised or lowered via a lever system by the relay balancing piston is provided at the. Steam admission side to compensate theaxial thrust to the maximum extent. The essential features of impulseturbine are that all pressure drops occur at nozzles and not on blades. It is one of the largest Indian companies in terms of market cap. Some pumps contain a two stage switch. The high-pressure boiler feed pump is very expensivemachine which calls for a very careful operation and skilledmaintenance. It is necessary, therefore, touse procedures which agglomerate the small particles into larger aggregates, which have practical settling velocities. Feedback During the training process, it is useful for the trainee to be told how he is progressing.

The term"Coagulation" and "flocculation" have been used indiscriminatelyto describe process of turbidity removal. The coal brought to the station by trains or by other means, travels handling plant by conveyer belts, travels from pulverizing mills, which grind it as fine as the face powder of size upto 20 microns.

New skills are required to operate new machinery, or familiarity with new processes and production techniques has to be introduced.

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Inside the tubes the boiler feed water, which is transformed by heat into staemat high temperature and pressure.. In general, training initiated for imparting knowledge to employees should consider three aspects: 1. Though it is true that unplanned learning through job experience helps development, the experience of most organizations is that it is advantageous to plan systematic training programmes of various types as a regular part of an adequate personnel development programme. A simple impulse turbine is not very efficient because it doesnot fully use the velocity of the steam. Economizers- Economizer, or in the UK economizer, are mechanical devices intended to reduce energy consumption, or to perform another useful function like preheating a fluid. Specific knowledge related to job- job content 3. A Curtis stage impulse turbine is shown in Fig. Large industrial condensate pumps may also serve as the feed water pump. The term economizer is used for other purposes as well. An effort has been made to give a balanced presentation of this report with the help of figures, different types of data and related suitable theories as well as concepts. All the three rotors are aligned on five bearings of whichthe bearing no. Boiler, power plant, and heating, ventilating and air conditioning.
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