Nuclear cardiology case studies

Beanlands, Erthal and Chih discuss the use of PET imaging in a year old male heart transplant patient with new onset of heart failure and recurrent chest pain and shortness of breath four years post-surgery. PET myocardial perfusion imaging and an FDG sarcoid study help to identify ischemia and possible cardiac sarcoid.


Van den Abbeele, eds. This atlas of illustrative case studies will be helpful to radiology and nuclear medicine residents in their daily case interpretations and will serve as a useful and quick review for board examinations for trainees. The study explores the importance of time-activity curves in identifying technical problems that can impact accuracy of myocardial blood flow assessment.

Similarly, mIBG imaging to predict the need for ICD is promising, but randomized trials to assess clinical outcome would be required before the technique could be incorporated in guidelines.

In casethe fine-print text beneath images Documents to be uploaded into the application: EKG tracings only rest and peak stress required Final report Equilibrium Radionuclide Angiography ERNA or Gated Blood Pool Select four case studies from within one year prior to the date of submission only two ERNA case will be required if the facility is seeking accreditation in an additional Nuclear Cardiology section.

Although a few of the images can be improved, the image quality overall is adequate to good and the glossy paper enhances the image display. A total of 13 patients were followed for a mean of 8.

Nuclear medicine case studies

The lymphoscintigraphy section briefly mentions applications in breast cancer but includes no images. Improved clinical outcome should always drive changes in practice, and future trials must be designed to answer clinically relevant questions. Stress images are in rows 1, 3, 5, 7 and rest in rows 2, 4, 6, 8, with short-axis rows 1ā€”4, vertical long-axis rows 5ā€”6 and horizontal long-axis rows 7ā€”8. Donohoe and A. Nuclear cardiology , Myocardial perfusion scintigraphy , SPECT , PET Introduction Cardiac imaging now provides a range of anatomical and functional information with some overlap in the ability of individual techniques to guide diagnosis and management. The advantage of myocardial perfusion scintigraphy MPS using SPECT and PET is the use of tracers that behave like microspheres with initial or longer term distribution according to their delivery to the myocardium. What to Submit: Movie CINE of the views if available or submit screen capture of all three views LVEF curve and calculated EF Final report Other Cardiovascular A total of four other cardiovascular case studies are required only two other cardiovascular cases will be required if the facility is seeking accreditation in an additional Nuclear Cardiology section.

This report summarizes the conclusions of a panel of cardiac imagers who assembled to discuss the current state of the field. Developments in radiopharmaceuticals, hardware, and software have improved the diagnostic accuracy and risk assessment of patients with suspected cardiac disorders.

These are anterior planar images 4 h after the injection of mIBG in two patients with heart failure.

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The number of cases in each section varies, with 31 cases in skeletal imaging, 23 cases in neoplasm imaging, and fewer cases in the other sections. Schenone and Cerqueira discuss a year-old woman with history of biopsy-proven systemic sarcoidosis involving lung and brain stage I receiving steroids and immunosuppressive therapy who presents with ongoing general weakness, shortness of breath and cough. Because sentinel node localization in breast cancer is one of the most widely used applications of lymphoscintigraphy in most hospitals, future editions would benefit from its inclusion and make the section more complete. Information on real-world effectiveness and cost effectiveness are essential before new technology is adopted. Maddahi, UCLA. Dā€”F Delayed contrast enhancement CMR showing transmural scarring in the same areas orange arrows and partial thickness scarring in the basal inferior wall white arrow. Fusion imaging may become important by providing synergistic information that cannot be obtained from either anatomical or functional imaging alone. This allows injection of the tracer to be decoupled from imaging, which simplifies the procedure. Contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging MRI and CT perfusion imaging behave neither as microspheres nor as blood pool agents and they require rapid first-pass imaging. The skill of the imaging team often has the largest impact on the value of a technique, rather than the technology itself.

Schenone and Cerqueira discuss the advantages of PET imaging in the evaluation of a symptomatic year old male with a history of ischemic cardiomyopathy. A group of experts therefore convened to discuss future directions in nuclear cardiology, radionuclide vs.

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