Outline some important safety instructions that need to be considered when using ict equipment

Mobile phones and our Health It is believed that mobile phones can affect the health of people who use them. Candidates are required to achieve S or H on all the criteria to achieve the full award.

Eye irritation and Eye fatigue.

It technician health and safety risks

In the ears. Through business programs and early stage financing , we help developing countries in the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia go green and develop solutions to local problems. Mobile Internet centers vans, etc. Back up your computers using CrashPlan. Some people enjoy it when their radio volume is turned up to the highest level. Keeping the mobile phone close to your ear for long periods of time may weaken your eardrums, induce ringing in your ears and eventually damage your hearing abilities in future. Take a look at the following tips to help improve your posture when working at your computer. Sometimes mobile phone batteries over heat and explode in such cases.

Negative effects of improperly using the Computer. What do we know about the use of open source and free software in education? When typing, keep your wrists straight. Ensure the screen colours are easy to look at, and that the characters are sharp and legible.

igcse ict safety and security

Your eyes are not suited for staring into the television set for hours. Some people enjoy it when their radio volume is turned up to the highest level.

Objective questions on health and safety in using ict tools

Satellite is much hyped but under-studied While satellite broadcasting of electronic educational resources is thought to hold much promise, there are few case studies of successful implementation of satellite broadcasting to small LDCs. Different approaches to learning will be required in order to match differing needs, for example, the needs of children will be different from the needs of adults with learning disabilities. If you have to bend your wrists upwards to reach the keyboard then use a wrist support, otherwise you are at risk from a repetitive strain injury. Pains in the back, wrists or fingers often occur when you are not able to reach the keyboard and mouse whilst bending your elbows at 90 degrees, with your shoulders relaxed. Research from Finland suggests that mobile phone radiation causes changes in the brain and even low level emissions from headsets are still damaging. Candidates are required to achieve S or H on all the criteria to achieve the full award. The radio is an interesting source of information and entertainment. Slowly lean your torso over to one side of the chair and then the other to stretch your sides and spine. This cloud-based backup solution makes it easy to recover data from computers that have been lost, stolen, or damaged by malware. Use a footrest underneath your desk if you need more support, or if the chair is putting pressure on your thighs. In this lesson you will learn about the possible long-term health hazards associated with the use of ICT equipment and ways to avoid these health problems. Do you take the time for a lunch break away from your desk?

The use of handheld devices is just now receiving serious widespread attention Little research has been done on uses of handheld devices including personal digital assistants and mobile phones in education.

Here are some of the possible health hazards.

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