Psychological affects of end of life care

Psychological affects of end of life care

Effective symptom management results in the optimum comfort level that can be achieved for the person approaching the end of life, within clinical possibility and limitations, and patient choice. Existential aspects of terminally ill patients Issues regarding existentialism are a central concept in palliative care. Fisher L, Weihs KL. Forum 36 6 , Many patients end up severely and irreversibly traumatized by the attempt. Such a forum would encourage an increase in medical knowledge on the disease condition, allow the exchange of experiences, as well as promote good interpersonal and family relationships. J Palliat Med. For instance in Scandinavian countries it is found collective and social democratic values, as well as free healthcare [ 36 ] and high global levels of education.

However, her mother refused to accept the diagnosis and insisted it was wrong, believing her daughter would be cured eventually. Am I going to survive?

psychosocial issues in end of life care

Improving the quality of spiritual care as a dimension of palliative care: the report of the consensus conference. Firstly, at the point a diagnosis is made, stigma should be identified and psychological counseling instituted along with treatments for the primary condition.

psychological needs of patient

Psychol Med. All treatment and support should be tailored to the individual.

psychosocial concerns examples

Psychol Client was in a coma 18 clients, equals 9.

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Psychosocial Issues in Palliative Care: A Review of Five Cases