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I believe that we all did our best. After the prelims, we then proceeded to Spanish Period of our literature. Thinking, I stared at the half-open door, waiting for the inevitable… After a few minutes, he entered the room… "Wait a minute!

We even got to present these stories by dramatization and interpretative dancing.

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His verse plays were performed to the motley crowd. The time I realized that I was going to take up Literature of the Philippines this semester, I was rather a bit curious about what would be in store for me…for the whole class…I never thought we would be in a roller coaster ride.

Even among the Christianized ethnic groups, the oral tradition persisted in such forms as legends, sayings, wedding songs such as the balayan and parlor theater such as theduplo Medina, p.

Occupation of the islands was accomplished with relatively little bloodshed, partly because most of the population except the Muslims offered little armed resistance initially.

Importance of philippine literature to filipino students

In this way the study of Philippine literature is actually also a study of part of the history of both Spain and America and demonstrates how the Filipino people related to these countries. And I thank Mr. With these great material changes, social values were transformed, allowing greater social mobility. The Ilocano translation in poetry was done by Fr. Reflection: When the Spaniards came to the Philippines early Filipinos both experienced misery and reform on the old ways, the most significant contribution from the Spaniards is the introduction of Christianity it is one of the things that we still inherit and practice until now, it is both a curse and a blessing when this lengthy period of colonization of the country of Spain to the Philippines happened it made us suffer but it also made us stronger, this period also emphasizes and gave birth to the rich literature knowledge and ideas of the Filipinos whereas they have relate their love and patriotism to the country and the people paving the way and opening their eyes for the Filipinos who are fooled by the Spaniards hypocrisy proving and pushing their hunger for freedom. Regarding Philippine literature, the Spaniards have exerted a strong influence using their own literature. Wow… Time flies by too fast. The literature of the Philippines covers a variety of genres, most notably poetry and metrical romances, prose, dramas, religious dramas, and secular dramas.
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