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He would gain an advantage by decentralizing the team into several self sustaining units; each unit consisting of team manager, lieutenants and miscellaneous subordinates. Thus cutting cost should be priority, thus tradeoffs can be made by employing skilled workers for defined job.

Robin Hood and his band are in need of a fresh strategy in response to external happenings. It would be in their best interest though to continue current avenues of revenue while seeking new ones to pursue.

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This will allow for all current members to be utilized in ways that help everyone in the campaign instead of using multiple people to recruit new members who in turn need time to be trained and require some of the already limited food supplies. Organizational Structure of Robin Hood and his Merrymen In Robin Hood's organization, he is the supreme ruler, and hold sole responsibility for the delegation of specific tasks to certain individuals. Each individual has their own function, and each individual contributes to the organization of Merrymen as a whole. If each of the new bands were smaller in size, the training could be more intense and discipline could be implemented again within the ranks of the organization. In doing so, extra man-hours would have to be spent in training. Although his work force was constantly growing, its productivity was diminutive. Robin has this fear because he made a wrong assumption in the past. Robin Hood 6 Towards the end of the case, it became clear that Robin Hood was looking for a way to end his campaign. Since Robin also had a problem with a definitive Sherwood Forest location, this structure would also aid his disguise from his suppliers, the rich merchant travelers and the Sheriff.

The sheriff had powerful friends at court and was well regarded by the regent, Prince John. Exceed the food capacity of the forest. The ballads and tales of Robin Hood focused on articulating a resistance towards authority and a longing for freedom, which made it extremely popular and relatable for the mass.

It is an imprudent choice for Robin to divert from his core competency and profound skill of banditry.

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The band should be restructured, delegating new tasks and invest in training for new recruits. He started recruiting men that are willing to serve his cause of justice. Threats to the well-being of the Merrymen are the spies of Prince John, and the fact that the band is so large that discipline has become a problem.

Throughout this study, Robin Hood will find several problems that face the group and several possible solutions to these problems.

You could of been more expansive, bit what you covered,you covered well.

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The size of the organization needs to be at a manageable level and then broken down into smaller groups where training can be concentrated at a higher individual level.

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