Role of youth in fighting corruption

The objective of these camps is to give young people and young leaders from various sectors the tools and incentives to become strong supporters of open and responsible governance, and to mobilise their peers.

how to stop corruption essay

They must also experience what these mean in practice in the classroom and inside the school. YouTube creators are authentic and their videos are almost homemade with "simple" cameras. Draft resolution open 1. Youth-led anti-corruption movements Introduction 1.

Moreover, youths should be good ambassadors of integrity, transparency, accountability and good governance so as to bring meaningful and sustainable development in the country and as well banish poverty, hunger, unemployment, and the futility of disunity, ethnicity, and religion bigotry.

How to deal with corruption in the workplace

It is time to tackle the issue and create a common European legislative basis in order to guarantee that the people who reveal information in the public interest, young and old alike, receive proper protection. Engaging youth in the fight against corruption can also take the form of initiatives and movements led by young people themselves. Witness accounts offer invaluable insights into corruption, and are powerful tools in the fight against it. All over Europe, there are courageous young journalists who disclose corruption cases, often risking their jobs or security, or even their lives while doing their job. The President of Guatemala has expelled a key United Nations anti-corruption body from the country. I would further separate the activities that are adult-led from those that are youth-led, even though in many cases the borderline is relatively blurred. Often they are failing, for the established strategies are too theoretical and far removed from citizens. One of them is the United Nations Anti-Corruption Academic Initiative ACAD , a collaborative academic project launched in Boston in and led by an expert group comprising a wide range of academics, governmental experts and officials from international organisations.

At a recent World Economic Forum Partnering Against Corruption PACI meeting, which included many leading global corporations, there was a clear consensus on the idea that values-based organizations are not just better for the world, but also more profitable in the long-term.

Check out our annual School on Transparency. InTransparency International presented its own list of best practices in a classification that I find interesting to follow for the purposes of this report. This instrument could be very helpful for those at the beginning of their mandates, to learn how to recognise the various nuances of corruption.

GYAC was initiated with the objective of connecting youth groups from around the world working to fight corruption, as well as facilitating and strengthening this network. Students must be exposed to a curriculum that prizes the values of democracy, citizenship and human rights.

Report Doc. The more young people take the lead, the more chance policies have of succeeding.

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