Skittles statistics project

Skittles statistics project

Categorizing things by symbols or names is not quantitative data. Never before this have I had to do that. I found that the colors were somewhat evenly proportioned.

For confidence intervals for the mean the sample must be a simple random sample and be normally distributed. Being able to use excel to solve math problems will be very handy Im sure. This project changed the way I think about real-world math applications.

We will either reject our hypothesis or fail to reject it based on whether we have sufficient or non-sufficient evidence.

starburst statistics project

So although this class was very difficult for me, I do appreciate that I was able to attend and learn all that I have. Work on spreadsheet. We were asked to acquire a 2. So my bag of skittles had more candies Categorical data is data that is put into categories and is not numerical data.

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skittles statistics project