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It also moved to restrict federal funds from so-called sanctuary jurisdictions, which limit their cooperation with federal immigration officials.

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Immigrant workers have always been over-represented in skilled trades, mining, and as peddlers, merchants, and labourers in urban areas. Several studies conclude that second-generation children who maintain a strong attachment to their immigrant Page Share Cite Suggested Citation:"8 The Social Dimensions of Immigration.

The estimates of the non-English-origin population in range from 20 to 40 per cent. The boy is now fine and has been reunited with family, but his hero was promptly shipped back to Mexico.

However, high levels of immigration characterized most of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries as well as the first two decades of the twentieth.

Obama attempted to extend similar benefits to undocumented parents of U. The earlier wave of immigration was primarily from Europe, and the model of assimilation was that of acculturation and socioeconomic mobility into the majority white Anglo-Saxon American society.

Second-generation youth whose ties to American minorities are stronger, and whose parents lack the ability to provide jobs for and protect them, may develop an adversarial stance toward the dominant white society, similar to that of some members of native-born minorities.

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The U.S. Immigration Debate