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According to the Case of Berea College, Kentucky another point was raised by Stinebrickner in his study. Then go back and read the entire chapter.

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Each study time should have a specific goal. Times that ought be channeled towards learning, academic research and innovating have been crushed by the passion for meeting new friends online, and 8 most times busy discussing trivial issues.

Take care of your body and it will also take care of you. You need to know exactly what you need to accomplish during each study session.

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Start with the more difficult tasks and material you have in front of you for the study session. And students should not be cramped. Olubiyi noted that these days students are so engrossed in the social media that they are almost 24 hours online.

Theories about working students

Although it has been put forward that students spends much time on participating in social networking activities, with many students blaming the various social networking sites for their steady decrease in grade point averages Kimberly, Jeong and Lee, , it also shows that only few students are aware of the academic and professional networking opportunities the sites offered. Use study groups effectively. The role of academic achievement as one of the predictors of ones life success and also in the aspect of academic placement in schools to higher institutions as well as the level of employability in ones career is inevitable Kyoshaba, Working in Grade 8, however, had negative effects on Grade 12 outcomes lower grades, lower Carnegie units, lower occupational aspirations, more bad habits in Grade 12, and lower postsecondary occupational aspirations beyond those mediated by earlier outcomes. Student Retention Models: In connection to the foregoing articles, Riggert et al. It is stated in the website that students apply these habits to all of their classes. Seek out your instructor and ask for some one on one time. The researchers, on the basis of the results of this investigation emphasized the need to be aware of the potentially negative consequences of employment during school. The government offers programs and solutions for the benefit and development of the people. If you work full-time, determine exactly how many classes you can take for every semester. After the problems were identified, a survey of related literature and studies, both from foreign and local sources, was conducted. Accordingly, cross-sectional studies often employ the survey strategy, and they may be seeking to describe the incidence of a phenomenon or to compare factors in different organizations. Performance results also allow students to be ranked and sorted on a scale that is numerically obvious, minimizing complaints by holding teachers and schools accountable for the components of each and every grade.

Primary Orientation model In a review and criticism about the flaws of the zero-sum measure as a tool to describe the work-school relationship, Warren presented his alternative theory, the Primary Orientation Model.

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Studying and Working