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Build Values For Customers 2. Events The second step to do is to continue and intensify the different event of Harley-Davidson in Europe. H-D aspires to increse it consumer demographics, however "although the younger technology below 35 years has put up the largest gains in owernship, the technology that is on the edge of the baby boomer section will be the primary catalyst of development for the industry" Koncept QSPM is most used in major decisions. This is data of the year on the top 5 of the number of sales: France: Italy: Germany: Spain: United States: ACEM, It is also important to have a look on the sales of the motorbikes in Europe compare to the United States, what is the current situation of this two different markets and how it is growing or not. H-D does this by guaranting quality inputs into its fabrication workss, flow production methods, and well-maintained equipment. Production model features may vary. Within five years they had built units. Corporate resources This section will discuss the corporate resources of Harley-Davidson.

In order to reach feminine audience, it could be relevant to focus one part of the communication campaign of the events on them. Turnaround The turnaround strategy is used when the company feel that the decisions made are wrong and have to be cancelled before it create damages.

An economic factor in favour of H-D, despite this diminution, is that the U.

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For instance, Ducati portrays their motorcycles as a way of life. Harley Davidson promotes its products and lifestyle through The Harley Owners HOG which was founded in and currently has approximately 1. These motorcycles combine cutting-edge performance with the sport motorcycle design that has become so popular with the young riders throughout the world. Thomas 3. Strategic alternatives and recommended strategy A. Part of each employee s compensation package consists of production group incentives. Miles Jr. Harley Davidson has always been known for its differentiated products that have continuously stood out from the norm. These strategies are allowing a Harley- Davidson to gain control over distributors, suppliers and competitors. Market Penetration Market Penetration is a strategy of increasing the market share of an existing product or promoting a new product. Harley-Davidson should be aware of these factors, when they are going to indulge more into the European market. Why Harley-Davidson Inc. They make a contribution to employees at every level of the organization. Honda and Yamaha are more online catalog, use a diversified than Harley in terms of dealer locator and place product offering locator 6. Top Management

Employees and suppliers know their insight is respected and take delight in their work. Other Property Harley has that are underutilized are there rider training courses and trip planning accessories.

Harley-Davidson and Ducati have one thing in common: they offer luxury motorcycles. Political-Legal Due to Environmental authorities in Federal, State, and Local levels of government, environmental laws to monitor and control air, water, noise, and fuel pollution have forced Harley-Davidson to implement environmental practices throughout their company.

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The strategic possibilities to the Harley Davidson organization