The tradition of soul food

Africans living in America at the time and since more than made do with the food choices we had to work with.

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This image is fueled by visions of plates overflowing with greasily fried and syrupy-sweet food. Simmer until the peas are nearly tender, about 30 minutes. Enslaved West Africans brought a taste for greens with them across the Atlantic.

Symbol of tradition Soul food has a deep root in Black history in America.

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This led to time-honored soul food traditions like frying foods, breading meats and fishes with cornmeal, and mixing meats with vegetables e.

But think about what nutritionists encourage us to eat more of: dark, leafy greens; fish; legumes; and sweet potatoes.

Soul food menu ideas

African influence[ edit ] Scholars have noted the substantial African influence found in soul food recipes, especially from the West and Central regions of Africa. Chicken livers. Silva Spoon offers a decent spread of grub that will win any hungry Southerner over. If you still have room for more, you should definitely try Gretchen's Jambalaya, a mix of shrimp, andouille sausage, and chicken over pasta or rice. From Ledy's Soul Food out along Highway 61, to the new Silva Spoon Soul Food up on Rivers, and wafting out of Craves Soul Food on the upper reaches of Meeting Street, it seems the artful preparation of gizzards and chicken feet still has a place in the world. How can I get started making soul food at home? For the rest of the week, rural blacks consumed a diet similar to what they had during slavery—heavy on seasonal vegetables, very little meat, and variations of cornbread and water with increasing amounts of processed food. But most of us spend more time drooling over soul food than thinking about it.

Each cuisine carries a history, and soul food is part of the history of the Black community.

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An Illustrated History of Soul Food