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Chronological resumes may also include a career summary statement and catalog relevant achievements, honors, awards, and extracurricular activities.

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The first step involves adding a list of keywords below your name. If they can accurately glean the points you most want to convey to a recruiter you can consider your resume successful. Resume Format Tips The layout, organization, and resulting appearance of a resume can carry just as much import as the content.

You can add a horizontal line under each subject header e. Scannable resumes allow computers to review the content of the document, helping employers narrow down and search through a large quantity of resumes electronically.

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Tell us about it in the comments. The templates are all predefined, so filling in the blanks is really easy.

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You should use a scannable resume only if you know that the employer in question uses some kind of digital scanning technology to review applicants' resumes or if the application specifically requests one -- if you feel uncertain, you can always ask. To give yourself the greatest chance of earning an interview, always review and proofread your resume before sending it out. Expert at designing and implementing sales strategies. Xing Xing is a social network with over 7 million business professionals globally, and is read in 16 languages. When talking about current jobs, use the present tense; when discussing previous jobs, use the past tense. Functional Resume Templates Hloom : Hloom boasts sample functional resumes for people in sales, graphic design, retail, and education, as well as for professionals transitioning careers. Applicants can also link to an online portfolio of their work or their LinkedIn page.
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