What is a critical thinking psychometric test

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It is not unusual for candidates to be asked to complete a situational judgement or personality test in addition to the critical thinking assessment. Critical reasoning tests are not tests of what you think; they are tests of how you think. You can take our practice psychometric tests here:. A more recent trend has emerged in which one test can provide a wealth of different psychometric data in one go, such as Talent Q Dimensions. The critical thinking test is designed to test your ability to analyse text and use logic in your reasoning. In a test with good inter-related reliability, different people would tend to give the same rating. This is assessed by presenting candidates with a hypothetical scenario, relevant to their desired job, and asking them to select the option which they see as the best response. Why Are Psychometric Tests Used? When a critical reasoning test features as part of an assessment day, it is very unlikely that it will be the main factor in deciding whether you are suitable. This includes analysing, conceptualising and reasoning. If however, the critical thinking test appears towards the beginning of the recruitment process, it may be used as an initial screening tool to shortlist candidates.

The five sections are: Arguments: In the argument section you are tested on your ability to distinguish between arguments that are strong and arguments that are weak.

A good test will have a high degree of stability over time.

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It is up to the candidate to determine whether any assumptions have been made. The candidate has to select whether an assumption has or has not been made.

What is a critical thinking psychometric test

It is simply a case of evaluating the information that you have been presented with. This film introduces situational judgement test in a little more detail: In reality it is not unusual to be asked to complete several psychometric tests for the same role: numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning is a particularly common combination, particularly for leadership roles. Don't forget to first check out the test techniques section further down this page beforehand. If you have been invited to undertake a critical reasoning test then the organisation clearly has an interest in hiring you, let that fact inspire confidence and perform to the best of your ability on your test, good luck! The argument is considered to be strong if it directly relates to the question or statement, and weak if it is not directly related to the question or statement. To be successful candidates must be able to structure and appraise arguments, identify assumptions and inferences, and understand and synthesise information, these tests are primarily used for lawyers but they are also used by other organisations where a high level of analysis is required. As with all of the other questions above, candidates are presented with a paragraph of information accompanied by a set of possible conclusions. They tend to be used for jobs where there is a need to understand how things work technically, such as engineering roles.

Rule 4: White square means that the colour of the shape below is correct but shape is wrong. Assumptions: An assumption is something we take for granted. As the skills required for securing a job tend to be low, most graduates choose not to turn their experience into a career, but enjoy the time they spend abroad.

General Critical Thinking Test Advice Here is some general advice to help you perform to the best of your ability for your critical reasoning test.

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For this reason it is not really worth cheating by trying to get someone else to help you pass online tests as you will probably get caught out later. An easy mistake to make is treating this type of test like a verbal or numerical reasoning test and answering questions as quickly as possible.

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A subsequent list of possible inferences will follow, and candidates will be asked to rate if they are true, false, possibly true, possibly false or whether it is not possible to say based on the information in the passage.

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