What is disease what is illness essay

Congenital disorder or congenital disease A congenital disorder is one that is present at birth.

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Infectious diseases have been plaguing humanity since the beginning of time. And now in the United States and Europe we have anti-vaccine groups who allege links between vaccines and autism, despite massive scientific data showing conclusively there are no links or even any plausibility for vaccines causing autism. Due to the similarity of Neospora caninum to Toxoplasma gondii, neosporosis was misidentified as toxoplasmosis for many years. So she goes to a doctor to get his opinion on if it would be right or not to let her family or boyfriend know. Humans can pass infectious diseases to each other from touching or exchanging body fluids. This type of forgetfulness is normal. Globally, between and there has been an 80 percent decline in measles deaths and for the first time the number of young children who die of measles globally has dropped below , For example, a bacterial infection can be primary, wherein a healthy person is exposed to a bacteria and becomes infected, or it can be secondary to a primary cause, that predisposes the body to infection. This explains why people assume older people have a bad memory. The term medical condition is also a synonym for medical state , in which case it describes an individual patient's current state from a medical standpoint. This is a stage in some diseases before the symptoms are first noted. But lapses in mosquito control efforts and other factors allowed Aedes aegypti to reestablish, resulting in the reintroduction of dengue into the region during the s. Examples of the first-mentioned type are that Turner syndrome and DiGeorge syndrome are still often called by the "syndrome" name despite that they can also be viewed as disease entities and not solely as sets of signs and symptoms. Today, they account for a few percent of deaths at most. Some health insurance policies also define a medical condition as any illness, injury, or disease except for psychiatric illnesses.

Now yellow fever has returned to Brazil, where it could gain access to Aedes mosquito populations and threaten urban centers. It is often a genetic disease or disorder and can be inherited.

When the lipid as mentioned earlier is faulty glucosylceramide accumulates more commonly in the microphages which is a type of white blood cell. Gaps are formed in the brain 's ventricles, due to the amount of dead tissue.

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Extent[ edit ] Localized disease A localized disease is one that affects only one part of the body, such as athlete's foot or an eye infection. Humans can pass infectious diseases to each other from touching or exchanging body fluids.

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Later, ina girl named Sonia was born; two weeks after her birth, she had heart failure and her parents had to take her to the hospital due to low vital signs. The symptoms of the disease are mainly caused by the death of dopamine-producing cells in the midbrain.

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That was the first time doctors noticed that there was something wrong with her. Acute disease An acute disease is a short-lived disease, like the common cold. It is a vector-borne infection which means it is spread directly from one host to another transmitted specifically through the bite of an infected tick Mayo Clinic: Lyme Disease - Definition, Aug.

Specific illnesses known as mental illnesses include major depressiongeneralized anxiety disordersschizophreniaand attention deficit hyperactivity disorderto name a few.

What is disease what is illness essay

With the advantage of reproducing more rapidly than the human immune response, microorganisms that cause even minor infections can prove to be fatal Parham, It is a disorder of the brain characterized by shaking and difficulty with walking, movement, and coordination. A chronic disease may be stable does not get any worse or it may be progressive gets worse over time. An acceptable health information system is important not only for evaluating the health needs of populations but also for preparation and for application of health interventions. Incurable disease A disease that cannot be cured. But, forgetting how to reach home, getting troubled in places and person knows well, or asking questions continuously can be signs of a more serious problem. But really any one of the major childhood illnesses targeted for vaccination could re-appear.
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An Essay on Disease: Its Cause and Prevention