Write a ruby web crawler software

The next step will be to save the file containing the Ruby command.

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You could scrape more information about each post and turn each post into an object with more attributes than just the headline text. I felt it was important to introduce you to the basics of how the web works. When you want to move from one page to another, then to another, you would write a web-crawler. The file with the main loop has to require the other file. At the same time our main thread would wait for the child thread to finish its code execution. Writing a Web-Parser or a Web-Crawler? Everything else is pretty much the same except we take special care to only crawl links on the same domain and we no longer need to care about redirection. Anyway, have a play with it if you like, and feel free to suggest improvements and point out issues or just say hello in general while I start thinking about an indexer. If content is loaded on a page using Ajax you will not be able to scrape it with Nokogiri alone. This step involves writing a loop that calls these methods in appropriate order and passing the appropriate parameters to each successive step. Thank you! Will be checking it out. This script some basic error-handling so that it doesn't die when encountering the above situation.

It's always best to err on the side of caution. The file with the main loop has to require the other file. This will return the craigslist page as a a Nokogiri object and you should see something similar to the image below.

Once you have the database built, you could use Rails to act as a front-end to the data though.

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It uses Nokogiri for parsing and makes all the form manipulation pretty easy. Designing the surface If you've been following my posts lately, you know that I love Enumerable and you may not be surprised that I'd like to model our structured, website data with an Enumerator.

While you could pass a block to consume the results, e.

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The first two return collections of links that need to be iterated through. And here I have not even considered the time we all have to waste on watching those adds before the video actually start to stream.

This isn't a task for Rails per se, but you could use ActiveRecord, detached from Rails, to talk to the database.

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