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If we can reach this goal, the James F. Experience with Adobe creative suite a giant plus. Write Around Portla… twitter. Eye for page and Web design. To my surprise, our individual passions really did add up to a kind of group poetry. We are honored to hold journal drives in partnership with Portland area businesses, schools and places of worship. A house party and reading is a great way to change lives through the power of writing. Why Inkwell? For more info, call Music and art are vital to the growth and development of young minds. Somewhere, deep in the bowels of their city, a cry went up. Click here to learn more.

They are three good friends who met at church and were brought together by their love of music. Host a Party Workshop participants are eager to share their stories with new audiences.

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As an Inkwell donor, I know that every month I am making a gift that supports what I love about Portland. We accept internship applications year-round for a three-month unpaid internship. Two blood-sucking lawyers, a number crunching pencil pusher, and a political hack were suddenly awoken.

And deliver they have been doing for over twenty years, and will do so the next time you see them. They are the epitome of what a jam band must be to deliver. We are happy to host a reading or writing workshop in your home to introduce your friends and family to Write Around Portland.

Providing a donated journal to every participant conveys that our community truly does value their stories and their lives.

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If you would like to help by personally donating a journal, you can drop it off at our office. Interns work on projects that include sketching illustration concepts, as well as illustrating news or culture stories for our readers. Volunteer Our dedicated volunteers make our workshops, readings and books possible. We took a moment to jot down ideas, then went around the circle, each reading aloud one thing we treasured. Community is one of our primary pillars. There are other ways to help raise funds for Write Around Portland, too. A house party and reading is a great way to change lives through the power of writing. The room was silent except for the cozy sounds of pots and pans clanging: Write Around Portland workshops are held at HOTLIPS Pizza, which generously donates space for the event, and the restaurant was just getting underway for the day. Anchored by brothers Jamey and David Hampton, The Brothers Jam are six individuals who have found common ground through 25 years of collectively surrendering to the song. E-mail the Attic A Visit to a Write Around Portland Workshop We all go through phases when the words come slowly, when there are plenty of false starts and lots of jumping up to pour another cup of coffee or fetch a sweater. Willamette Week internships are a three month unpaid commitment with once a week in-person check ins at our headquarters, in Northwest Portland. We provide a collection box, signs, sample announcements and anything else that would make it easy for you to host a journal drive. They believe that music is the catalyst for communicating the words that cannot be spoken but must be said. For more information and to apply, please click here. Because his songs demand full commitment to rocking out with soul, heart, and swagger.

Illustration internship Willamette Week is seeking an illustration intern with solid skills to join our design team.

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